Following the Butterflies...

Following the Butterflies...
One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. ~William Shakespeare

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Invisible Boyfriend Orb

If you ask me, invisible boyfriends are better than none... On the bright side they are not abusive, don't yell, control or intimidate, but the flip side of that is that I never get to actually see or touch him! :-)
Of course that doesn't stop these "spirits" from copping a feel now and then...

My 10 year old snapped this last night as she is an aspiring photographer, but obviously lacking in the model arena...

I had no idea orbs could be so aggressive!

All kidding aside, I have been known to get some very interesting photos here and there throughout the years, albeit I had no idea initially what it was I was getting. Of course I'm not an "expert" now either, but I am fairly confident that "something" is going on. That "something" of course is still left up for debate.

According to Dr Larry Babcock, while we are dreaming or traveling astrally, we appear as bodies or orbs of light. This line of reasoning could account for my memories of "traveling" in a translucent iridescent "bubble" of light. I found that although I felt fully engaged in the situation, no one else could see me...

Recently as I was asking for opinions on my photo of the sky I wrote about in this blog, a man named Allen Green from LIUFON, which is now defunct took some time to analyze my photo.
Although he has admittedly never seen a UFO or anything anomalous on his own, he has been analyzing others photos for years.

I thought he had some very interesting things to share as well.

This was his first response:
"The triangle in the photo is a passenger aircraft. The distance and illumination sources might make it appear triangular but there are 4 sources of light that I can see. Three sources are closest to the camera and one source is away from it. The direction of travel is away from the camera and the lights are best described as a T shape or cross.

You know me well enough to anticipate my next questions: what kind of camera, what were the settings, what was the skill level of the photographer, why was the picture being made as there is nothing of particular interest in the frame."
I answered those questions in my blog about this event and pointed out that there was no plane, in fact we live no where near where a passenger plane would ever be, I was simply taking a photo of the location because I felt the urge to do so. I also admire and like to document the differing seasons and days where we live. I was with my children on our way to run some errands and none of us saw a plane. It was just a feeling, simple as that. Also, this "object" was not in the other photo I snapped from the same location, which is how most of my mysterious photos occur.

Here is part of his next response:
I am extremely wary of anyone who "feels something", snaps a picture and get orbs. I looked at some of the other photographs on her blog for comparison and again observe that there was nothing of interest in the frame with the triangular light display other than the lights. My best guess is she saw the lights, grabbed her ever present camera and made a quick shot.
The camera will not see anything the eye doesn't see. If the lights were not seen when the picture was made, it was because the photographer was not paying attention to what was in the frame. It's actually that simple.
So, given that logic, my daughter who snapped the photo of me above would have SEEN that orb copping me a feel...

Which also means I would have seen this orb on this accidental shot...

In my opinion this is a very limited and biased opinion and simply NOT TRUE. Who hasn't snapped a shot of something and found something in it that was not there after they were developed or uploaded?
I would guess just about everyone that has a digital camera has experienced this whether knowingly or unknowingly.

I have experienced both. The last two photos I shared above were taken unknowingly. The first from my daughter asking me to pose and the second came as a total accident while I was trying to get my camera up to take a photo of something else entirely... I accidentally hit the button on it's way out the window facing my lap. My oh my, these orbs can be frisky.

There have also been many times where we specifically stopped to take pictures because of a feeling.

These next photos were taken December 2008 in Tucson, Arizona while I was visiting with Dr Larry Babcock and Ben Arbogast, experienced diviners. During a conversation at the kitchen table, I told Ben I felt something to our left and asked if he felt something too. I pointed to a location outside the window where I felt a presence. It would have been about 7 feet from us at that time. Neither of us saw anything, but we both felt something. We went outside to take some photos and see what's there since we know that our cameras pick up much more that our physical eyes can see. This is where he shared with me about his spirit friend Kedimo who had been visiting him for decades.

I wrote about this experience in a blog over a year ago here, so click to see all the photos in that album.
Here are just a few...

When we went outside to snap the photos, my dog Snickers started staring at the air in the same direction we felt this presence. The staring turned in to barking, the barking in to dancing...This magnificent experience went on for over an hour. Snickers was obviously playing with something! Being such a sweet little lazy angel, barking, dancing and jumping are completely out of the ordinary for her nature. But you can clearly see that she was looking at the orbs in the photos and was chasing them around, kind of like she was playing with an invisible friend to us.

Since my video camera has no night vision, we used the regular camera which was actually a very cheap Kodak at the time, maybe 5 Megs. You can see the rest of the photos here.

Another more recent experience where we felt something and just decided to snap was on our way home last night, February 20, 2010 at approximately 10 PM. We have a cemetery near our house that we normally just pass without giving it a second thought, although we have talked about maybe going there on day. The graveyard is right next to where we snapped the photo of the sky last week with the triangle.

We were surprised to see so much activity as it was not snowing and there was nothing else that could have produced all these "lights." I can definitively tell you that we did not see anything with our naked eye, contrary to Allen Greens professional opinion that "the camera cannot pick up anything that your eye cannot see."
I can also definitively tell you that there were no smudges on our lens. I hope one day to be able to definitively tell you exactly what each of these are, but until then, I will definitively tell you that I would prefer you frisky little spirits copping a feel in physical form...come on, show yourselves! I'm single...

While I'm showing photos here, I would also like to share a couple more that were shot in Ohio over New Years weekend, 2010 with our star sister Julia.
We thought the snow falling was so beautiful and wanted to see what the camera would get. Once again, it appears more than just snow appeared...

Click on photos to enlarge and examine yourself, but it appears to be more than snow.

Thank you for sharing this adventure with me and if any of you perverted orbs are reading this, PLEASE SHOW YOURSELF!

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  1. i am a photography teacher, students bring in these kind of photos all the time. What thing do ALL of these pictures with "orbs" have in common with one another? They are ALL flash pictures. In most cases the light of the flash reflecting off of something fairly close is combining with the ambient light of the scene in the background to produce the whole picture. If anything particulate, be that a water droplet from a sneeze, a particle of dust, snowflake, water vapor or whatever gets the right distance from the onboard camera flash, you will indeed get an out of focus circle such that it it looks like a clean circle or "orb". There is nothing paranormal going on here. You will not see these "orbs" this frequently if your onboard camera flash is off.