Following the Butterflies...

Following the Butterflies...
One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. ~William Shakespeare

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to Kill a Possum

I would like to apologize if you came across this blog looking for tips on hunting, in case possum is in fact part of your diet. But if you would like to hear of the power of love, this might be for you.
Mother Nature is constantly communicating with us, but we have been so closed off and disconnected from Nature and Spirit that most just don't hear it.
Personally, I delight in those times I am sent a message or messenger from this Great Divine Universe and try to pay close attention to their whispers.

It is normal for us to see wildlife at our door or in our yard everyday as we are out in the country, but this weekend we ran across some little angel critters in the city while visiting a friend for my daughter's 11th birthday.
According to our friend who has lived there over 6 years, they have never seen a possum in their yard, so when we spotted one out the window, we were all obviously intrigued.

Just what could be so important that he had to come talk to us right then and there? When animals come in to my life, I like to check animal totems to get a glimpse of insight as to what they might represent.

I suggested our host should check her animal totem, but she was convinced that since she had never seen one there that this visit was exclusive to us being there and that we might need to pay attention to it.

My daughters took the dogs out and Snickers saw our new possum friend and decided to go over and play with it. Since most wild animals don't know how gentle Snickers is, they are not always receptive to her. This case was no different. Possum rolled over and played dead and Snickers ran away with her tail between her legs, off to find someone else to play with.

At this time we decided to go see if he was still there to let him know that we are his friends. Of course not without being given the 3rd degree about how dangerous wild animals are supposed to be. I believe the people that try to warn me of the "dangers" must not be aware of the black bear I chased, or the wild buffalo I fed with my bear hands, or the Raccoon who has adopted us and walks in our house any time he wants by opening both doors, or the coyotes I adopted while I was looking for their owners. Well initially I thought they were just lost dogs. They would come in our home, my bed, we would kiss and play with them just like any other animal that needed some TLC.

I have never been afraid of any of The Creators Creations, especially the 4 legged ones. They have always seemed more honest and wise than the 2 legged beasts I've met, so I always welcome an opportunity to communicate with these angels in their habitats as I'm not much in to them being held captive for profit.

On to killing the possum...

Why is it that when we think of subduing someone or something that we automatically think kill, as in take a life? How about turning that around and think of giving life and sharing the greatest power on earth? LOVE! I believe Love to be the ONLY power and anything less is just a shadow...
I know we have all heard the phrase "Kill 'em with kindness," but does anyone ever practice it or are you still wrapped up in your fear of the unknown or of those that don't look like you?

There was a time where we all co-mingled, there was no fear and we knew how to communicate. We are long past those days, however there are many "nuts" out there like me who still think it is natural.
The way I see it, is if I did get attacked by an animal, I would deserve it. Either they smelt my fear, which made them fearful or they sense our dishonesty. I am confident that all animal spirits know who they can trust which is why I know that I will not be attacked by any of these so called "wild" animals.
So, to test my skills I decide to see if we could get him out of his "play dead and try to scare everyone with his alligator jaws" pose and loosen him up a little. As we approached him his eyes were closed, jaw clenched displaying his many sharp teeth as if to show would be attackers what he COULD do if he felt warranted, and his ears flat.

I put my hand over his head and let him gently know that we are here to see what wisdom he has to share, that we are his friends AND we have food for him.

After a few minutes we could feel the energy change and that he was finding that he could trust us and would accept our offering. I gave him a full body and head massage and his ears perked up, eyes opened, mouth closed and he looked me right in the eyes!

At this point, we all knew everything was okay and even my daughter ended up petting him too! My friends might not have been as eager to pet him as we were, but nonetheless enjoyed this experience in their own way which resulted in expansion of their own awareness.

Our new possum friend is now smiling for the camera...isn't he cute??? It's amazing what a little Love will do...try it some time, you might like it! :-)

I am so thankful for these experiences and ask the Universe to keep sending them my way, at your convenience of course and when you believe I am deserving of your Beauty. Maybe I can't hear and understand everything you want me to know, but I assure you I am listening, wide eyed and ready for the times you Bless me with your Divine presence in all your Perfect Creations. I am open to receiving your message and implemnenting your perfect Truth and Love in to my life. Thank you for thinking of me and showing how awesome your Love can be!

We also got some orbs in this photo...not quite sure who they are or what they were doing this time, but it's nice to be reminded we are never alone.

You can click on this photos to see full size in case you're like me and like to zoom in and trip on the orbs. :-)

Possum Animal Totem:

Teach me wise old possum magic
That reacts from instinct, not from head.
Show me the way to slip past danger.
Fill me with earthy wisdom great,
That I might be secure and happy
Living life and trusting fate.


  1. What a wonderful story of the opossum :) You and your girls are truly blessed!

  2. this blows my mind. you must be one of god's elect girl. remember what duncan said? good thing ur not in callie anymore. much saver now.

  3. look at that dam. safer is what i meant. got to start paying attention. sorry been rushing through everything lately.