Following the Butterflies...

Following the Butterflies...
One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. ~William Shakespeare

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's a Bird, it's a Plane it's INVISIBLE!

I'm going to tell you a little secret, in case you haven't noticed... I am a hobby photographer. I love to journal Mother Nature and her abundant beauty all around. I always have my cameras with me ready to snap the next spider that comes my way, interesting clouds, planes, birds, trees or flowers, or just to prove that I'm alive on a certain day. Sometimes I stop just because I feel like stopping, not because I actually went there to take a photo from that location... whatever strikes my fancy at any given moment.
This works out great as I'm always amazed at the interesting anomalies in my photographs. Some more interesting than others, like the one I'm about to share...

On February 9 at just about 11:30 AM we went to go run our errands. I take a photo of our beautiful front yard, as always before loading the family in to the car...

It was a cold and mostly gloomy day, but I still love the mystery and quiet splendor in the silvery winter scenery. It had just stopped snowing, but there was a beautiful little patch of blue sky starting to peak out for the first time in weeks. Kind of like when you open your eyes in the morning and it's a but foggy, but that twinkle of light still beams through the window... I appreciate the changes in the seasons and like to document it as often as I can or when some part of nature just begs me to pull over and preserve the memory.

We drive down our peaceful country road and take another photo because I like to see the changes in this beautiful forest throughout the year. These simple pleasures delight me...

We continue on to the top of the hill where there is a clearing in the forest. I pulled over and remember reversing so I could see the beautiful snow over the valley at the farmhouse and not be blocked by the line of trees where the thick forest begins again. I thought the snow on the tree branches were phenomenally gorgeous so I still wanted a piece in the photo.

Honestly, as you will see from the photo, it wasn't the most photogenic day I've ever tried to preserve, but something told me to pull over there and snap a photo anyway. I have learned to not only trust that still small voice inside, but really look forward to those magical moments, where all the pieces of the puzzle just seem to fit together through the maze, showing me that I do have purpose and am being guided by a MUCH higher source.
Most of the time I don't consciously know why I pull over or seem to get lost at certain locations, but enjoy it all the same as if I was at at amusement park searching for clues to get to the next best ride, and find later there was a reason for me being where I was.
In fact it wasn't till I got home later that afternoon and uploaded that photos that I was starting to see why I was compelled to pull over at that spot.

What I'm about to show you, I did not see with my naked eye at the time, but according to my camera, a Nikon Cool Pix P90, this photo was shot at 11:37:24 AM on automatic setting. This photo has not been altered. (Click photo for larger size)

Since then I have tried searching for everything I can to get info on what this could be and asked people on facebook where I originally posted it, and those in the know in this subject. Some have said it's a passenger plane, but I would ask, where is the plane? Not to mention the fact that passenger/commercial planes do not exist here! In the tourist season we will see the small 2 seater planes occasionally, but NEVER a large plane. There simply aren't any major airports or military bases here. But my first question is the most compelling......whether we were right next to an airport or not, there just simply is not a plane with any visible physical characteristics.

Then there are those who suggest it could be a black triangle UFO or a Nuclear Powered Fying Triangle the TR-3B.

Here is an interesting video from

Once again, I will ask where is the the body of the craft? Whatever is in my photo is invisible! I did come across an article about invisible cloaking, but I'm still not sold.

Here is another interesting video sent to me by

It appears we are getting closer, but still no match. The light in this video appear similar, but 2 things wrong. First, in my photo, I was not able to see those lights with my physical naked eye. Secondly, in my photo there appears to be a T or cross in the shape of a perfect equilateral triangle, whereas in photos and videos I've come across the 4th light is always in the middle of the triangular shaped lights.

Now, we really have no way of knowing if any of these videos are real to begin with, so how would any of us REALLY know what we're looking at? We only know the little bit of info they want us to know, and knowing what we know about what they don't want us to know, we would get more truth from from a drug dealer.

Perhaps I may never get to the bottom of this, but I would love your opinions.

I did however get one more opinion from Dr Larry Babcock, who is a geologist and mineralogist, and professional dowser/Diviner. Here is his very enlightening response which actually gave me chills.

Hey Christie!

Just as I suspected, the photo shows an equilateral triangle, with 60 degree angles. It is a Class 1 Ashtar Command ship. When I asked if that ship was surveilling you and the girls, I got a NO. However, when I asked your mitochondria they said that they received a message from the ship 'suggesting' that you take a picture! When I asked my Tactical Operations Supervisor, BEKOMAREC, she confirmed that! So, they were not continuously monitoring you, but just happened to be in the area! Yeah, right! In fact, that was the ship that gave your van an "assist" when you came west to Tucson to cover my talk at the Temple of Universality, when you would have been late without that 'pickup'! What this all means is that they wanted you to see what that ship looks like and let you know that they are checking up on you and the girls!
As we all know the only probability is possibilities!

Dr Babcock is right. "Something" has "picked us up" which I will go further in to in another blog. But to sum it up without leaving you hanging, we have been known to travel distances that would ordinarily be impossible based on all known physical laws and main stream science.

Welcome to my world...

You can see more interesting anomalous photos here.


Later that night we were playing with the animals in bed as usual and I took a photo of my daughter...

I mean I knew she was an angel, but this is amazing!

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  1. That's an AMAZING photo of your daughter :)

    What did Dr. Babcock mean by his Tactical Operations Supervisor, BEKOMAREC. Who is BEKOMAREC?

    Christie, you lead an "extremely" extraordinary life!! :))