Following the Butterflies...

Following the Butterflies...
One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. ~William Shakespeare

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Men & Women - Will they ever meet? with Tobias Lars

Men & Women - Will they ever meet? with Tobias Lars Part 1

- why can't women and men form functioning relationships?
- why can't we be honest with each other?
- what is the woman afraid of?
- what is the man afraid of?
- where is the Heart caught in between?
- can we handle the "Truth" about sex and love?
- will the current model of relationships change into something else?
- what does ego & ownership of "the other" have to do with the arrested development of true Love on Earth at this time?
- will truth about these topics trigger both men and women to reject the information?

Tobias Lars BS, MBA - Author of "Listening to The Sun" & "Awakening Souls". Personal Awakening Coach
Creator of
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  1. Many ppl have not made a pro-active list of their qualities and what they R really looking for in a mate & doing things that will increase their odds at finding them.
    Thx Christie for joining our facebook group: Journey of the Mirror!