Following the Butterflies...

Following the Butterflies...
One touch of nature makes the whole world kin. ~William Shakespeare

Friday, March 18, 2011

How important is Water with Dr Wayne Pickering

How important is Water with Dr Wayne Pickering

Our Special Guest is Dr. Wayne Pickering "THE AMBASSADOR for HEALTH" from Daytona Beach, Florida and this week his topic will be WATER

In this 6th of the series you'll discover:

1) How does the right kind of Water play a vital role in our Staying Well For Life.
2) How much is enough
3) What's the best kind to drink
4) When to drink it
5) What to drink when you are flying and how much
6) What about good Well Water
7) About pure clean Rain Water…is it?
8) Is Bottled Water all that good for you?
9) What about Spring Water?
10) How secure are Water Filters…are they really safe?
11) How about Boiling Water?
12) What does the American Journal of Public Health say about Chlorinated Water?
13) What about Mineral Water?
14) How do you know if you are drinking enough?
15) What kind of water do most physicians recommend those who have kidney stones?
16) Does Distilled Water cause Mineral Loss?

Part 2 here:,7262.0.html

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